Anna Reikher is the New York based  3D artist and jewelry designer behind AnnaReikherJewelry. As her shop name suggests, she designs natured inspired jewelry. Her lovely creations depict her love of insects and animals like chameleons and frogs in a variety of metals and metallic finishes. 

All her pieces are :
.....designed using digital processes and handmade techniques. The pendant is designed by me entirely from hand drawings, and is 3D printed in high quality sterling silver using the lost wax casting technique.
She has a wonderful sense of whimsy as you can see from her chameleons riding rings and climbing on triangular stud frames. Also adorable are her frogs especially the hopping ones on hoop earrings. 

She features many insects like bees, moths, butterflies and the hercules beetle - so called because it displays incredible strength for its size. 

These are gorgeous gifts for nature lovers everywhere!

Chameleon rings

Chameleon stud earrings

Hopping frogs hoop earrings

Bee jewelry

Hercules beetle jewelry

Frogs in an origami boat

Dragonfly pendant necklace

Monarch butterfly

Orchid Mantis pendant necklace

But my absolute favorites are her orchid mantis pieces pictured at the very top and above. These amazing insects - whitish to pale pink to bright pink in color - are native to South-East Asia where I was born and spent my childhood.   

They are very like orchid flowers but that mimicry is less about camouflage and avoiding being eaten by birds but more to trick their prey into coming closer. Orchid mantis are patient predators of unsuspecting small insects. They don't necessarily cluster with other flowers but can lie in wait on foliage, sometimes moving like flowers in the breeze. 

See this photographer's video of the deep pink Malaysian orchid mantis which he found in Thailand :

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