She has done it again! The Vietnamese wire artist and instructor behind the awesome Lan Anh Handmade channel, has often come up with innovative wire work. 

This lotus flower pendant tutorial is a gem because it captures a teardrop gemstone so perfectly. The stone adds color. Unlike most wire wrapped pendant designs, this one doesn't hug the focal but flares out so beautifully. 

She has come a long way since she started her channel.  As you can see from this video, there are English captions for the instructions.  Arrows also point to critical places. Still images also illustrate detailed areas. 

Filming and editing a video is an extremely time consuming task  (the main one reason why I rarely do them).  But hers are well done and executed in an efficient manner. She does not do voice-overs which makes it less distracting and shortens the video time. 

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