The most common type of upcycled tech jewelry are either the circuit board or computer key designs. But Canadian designer, Eva of GeekeryDoo cleverly uses other electronic parts such as resistors, capacitors, antique fuses and even LED lights for her designs. She combines them with beads and other jewelry findings. 

Another highly creative category is her industrial jewelry section where nuts and bolts, washers and even wing nuts become unique pieces. Who knew wing nuts could look so good as part of bee earrings?

She explained how she amassed such a lot of vintage and sometimes antique parts :
I am a true geek’s daughter and proud of it. I inherited boxes of my father’s electronic supplies from the time he used to build his own turntables, stereos, and practically anything around the house. I actually purchased most of electronic parts for my dad myself on my trips from university. I always carried with me a list of needed items like resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors and such. Shopkeepers came to know me very well and usually gave me something special for my dad. He was absolutely delighted with these surprises.
Can you believe it? I actually brought back boxes of these antique electronic parts from my parents’ house in Europe to my house in Canada in a suitcase! I had to leave some back there, the weight limit is only what? 23kg (50lb)?
There must be thousands of these little electronic parts in a suitcase so I am sure Eva will be busy creating her unique upcycled jewelry for a long time!

The amount of electronic devices much of the world goes through, is staggering.  Most of which goes to the landfill.  But some do get recycled.  Watch this Business Insider video on how 6 million pounds of electronic waste are recycled a month

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