I really love Estonian wire work artist's Youtube channel called Suzy Wong Studio. Simple yet lovely wire work designs. 

Hers is a standout amongst handmade safety pin tutorials because she shows you how to make them into beaded brooches, earrings and a link bracelet with the safety pin as the clasp. It's a fun way to use up leftover beads as well as display handmade polymer clay ones. 

The first tutorial covers the main pin instructions and includes a simple round ear wire construction. 

Her wire work bracelet uses the safety pin as a clasp. The rest of the bracelet is a great way to practice making good wire loops and links!

Safety pins are descendants of fibulae which are ancient pins first invented by the Greeks thousands of years ago. The fibula was used to secure tunics. 

This engraved  fibula now at the British Museum, is from the Geometric Greek period (about 900-700 BC) :

The modern safety pin was invented by American mechanic and inventor, Walter Hunt, in 1849. He only came up with the invention in order to cover a $15 debt. He sold the patent rights for $400 (approximately $12,000 in 2020) to the WR Grace and Co. which made millions from his invention.

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