Remember that how to I shared - Flame Cut Wood Decoupage Jewelry Tutorial using paper napkins? This technique is especially useful for large decoupage wood projects as it sped up the edge cutting process.

But here is a wonderful paper napkin transfer decoupage tutorial for coasters which avoids wrinkles.  The UK based instructor is Iveta (Yvette) Ziedina whose DaintyGifts Youtube channel is full of useful decoupage tutorials.
It is a relatively easy technique provided one is patient and careful. I think it's ideal for vintage style designs. Possibly applicable to wooden pendants if the napkin design suits. 

You can see more stunning creations on Iveta's DaintyGiftsStudio and on her must see Instagram

Some of her designs are upcycled. She said :
The upcycled piaces come to exist when an item speaks to me. I don't need to have a ready made picture in my head when I get an old frame or a used cutlery caddy. All I do is listen and the item tells me what it wants to become.

The coasters are crackled to give a distressed look.  

If you are new to cracking, her video explaining the difference between 1 step and 2 step crackle techniques and the products used, will be helpful.

Her two step crackle technique tutorial goes into more detail on how to proceed. 

A key takeaway is different crackle media behave differently. So it is necessary to try different brands to find what suits you best.  Iveta is based in the UK, so brands might also differ.  Consider trying Pentart's 2 Step Crackle.  

Doing it in one step might be preferable for some. 1 step crackle products include that from Decoart and Folkart

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