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Decoupage Recycled Earrings Makeover Tutorial Uses Paper Napkins

Whenever I stop by my local charity shop, I notice there is always a supply of jewelry. Indeed, I have purchased some for the excellent materials before. See this post : Why Sourcing Bead Supplies from Charity Shops is a Good Idea.

Instead of dismantling them, consider doing a design makeover.  Patty over on Whimziville, has a wonderful decoupage tutorial using a recycled pair of earrings and pretty napkin paper!

Check out her necklace section for more repurposed jewelry ideas!

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  1. what a great idea! I usually walk on buy the junk jewelry at a thrift store, probably with my nose in the air. In the future won't be such a snob! Ha! :)
    i confess I lost track of time perusing the necklace section of Whimziville - such creativity! I love whimsy, and thinking-outside-the-box. thanks for sharing!

  2. Patty's repurposing projects are so good! Decoupage gives so many possibilities but you must have an eye for them :) I also liked the jigsaw puzzle necklaces.

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