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Nature Inspired Polymer Clay Beads and Canes by tooaquarius

Up your handmade jewelry making game by using handmade beads!  These beauties are by Canadian polymer clay artist, Elaine of tooaquarius.

Her collection of nature inspired polymer clay beads and canes makes it easier for jewelry makers who may not have the skill or the patience to make such intricately detailed pieces. 

Shown here are some of my favorites from her polymer clay bead selection.  The cat beads are particularly adorable!  Which are your favorites? 

Elaine has free tutorials over on her website.  Also check out her newish YouTube channel. 

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  1. Elaine’s beads are so wonderful. I have never seen her work before and I’m always looking for other Canadian artists. I love her beads. So delighted you posted her work today Pearl! Thank you for sharing! ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  2. those cats are adorable, so are the feathers! however, the ones at the very top, flowers and butterflies are breathtaking! I thought they were resin at first glance.

  3. I'm gobsmacked! Her beads are stunning! Those flower puff squares are simply yummy! And her butterfly wings - oh wow!!

  4. All the designs are special but the flower patterns are divine!


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