Ben Cosner lives in Utah and he really has a beard - hence the name of his store BeardedJewelerShop!  I first came across his work when I featured his ski slope design for this post on the Winter Olympics

Ben does beautifully etched and oxidized sterling silver jewelry inspired by nature. I particularly loved his outdoor activity ones - the camping and the trailer designs!

He also offers cut out silver pendant designs. His layered and riveted rose gold inlay designs are absolutely gorgeous. 

Many of his designs are very dainty which makes his etching and jewelry saw skills all the more impressive! 

Ben is a professional jewelry artisan.  He explained  :

I started in jewelry 13 years ago as a simple bench jeweler working with gold and diamonds and I felt so out of place! I remember freaking out because I was working with such expensive materials, but that soon became the norm.
Now I specialize in stone setting, but found myself wanting for more artistic control. So I turned to silver and found a creative part of myself I never knew I had. All of my experience making jewelry lends itself to creating these designs. I now strive to make something fun and accessible to everyone.

He added :
I'm inspired by the forest and trees. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so I draw a lot from there. I live in Utah now and these designs help me get back to the mountains and forest. I've found a passionate outdoors community that's just amazing! I have so many things I want to make and finding the time for it all is a challenge for sure. I've been working on lots of new designs this year now that we are more settled.

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