Remember the beach wave resin art tutorial I shared a while back? It was for a larger project and I mused one could scale it down for jewelry.  One important tip in that tutorial was how to get the white surf to stay and not to mingle with the other colors. 

One crafter has actually succeeded in getting a beach wave effect for jewelry and in small sea shells too! It's Jackie from Atelier Nature Craft whom we should thank for showing us the possibilities! It is a great project if you have some hoarded seashells from past vacations.  

There are actually 2 DIY in her tutorial video.  The first project in this duo is the one without the resin. You can certainly use a large faux pearl as an alternative.  

Do be careful when drilling sea shells. Inhaling sea shell dust is not a good thing (see first link below). Wear a mask or immerse the seashell and the business end of the drill bit under some water. 

The second one is a lovely idea because she creates a beach effect with sand and colored blue resin. I have a few suggestions. 

First, skip the first resin and sand step by applying glue on shell and adding sand on top. A quick setting glue like StarBond will work. I suspect one will have to add successive layers of glue and sand to get the final effect correct.  Or experiment with a white glue and sand mix. 

Also consider using a white fine tip marker pen which is designed for all kinds of surfaces such as this one. You can then carefully dab in markedly white surf at the sandy part. 

I like Jackie's bail method for her resin design. You could try drilling like for the previous DIY but only if the hole can clear the resin part.

Jackie also used UV resin. All resin should be used in a well ventilated area but especially so with uv resin because you are doing many steps in a short space of time. An alternative is a regular epoxy resin like Little Windows' Brilliant Resin (BG1516 for a 15% discount). 

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