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Plant Hanger Tutorial using Recycled Cans, Wire and Beads

Recycled aluminum cans make great plant holders!  Just watch this tutorial by Argentinian recycler, Clear Style!  She makes vintage style decoupage versions which uses wire for the hanging part and beads to decorate it. 

These can then hold small plants like succulents for both indoors and outdoors. 

The tutorial is in Spanish but it is easy enough to follow along and work things out on your own. Great project to use up odd beads.

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this tip. 

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  1. these are so cute, and the possibilities are endless! thanks for sharing.

  2. and, the tutorial making bird houses/planters from soda bottles is pretty cool too!

  3. I watch a lot of Clear Style's videos and she's always coming up with amazing ideas using recycling. Smart and useful and I prefer using it up instead of burying it in the ground. We see what our garbage has done to the entire world and it's time to think creatively about it.

  4. Very adorable! I use to make and sell a lot of these in the 80's but unfortunately plants don't really like growing in metal cans, One problem is they get too hot in the sun. Another problem is the metal itself. I did get some success by finding plastic cups that fit inside the cans to put the plants in.

    1. Yay for the plastic cups! Do you have the same name as me?

  5. Replies
    1. That is awesome. You are the first person I have come across in my entire life who shares my name - not counting the famous ones like Pearl Bailey and Pearl S. Buck!

    2. From one Pearl to another, pleased to meet you!


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