One of my favorite beadwork techniques is bead embroidery.  It is an artform because you can create just about any design you want just as an artist does with a canvas.  

One inspirational designer and instructor is Canadian, Breanna Deis, who is a Dene artist based in Vancouver. I love this Indigenous beader's work because she does a fabulous job of combining  traditional style with a contemporary esthetic. 

She is also a great instructor as she shares many tips and tutorials on her Youtube channel.  You can see more on her Instagram too.

She has a great beginner bead embroidery earrings tutorial featuring a flowering cactus.  Bead embroidery can take time but it is shortened if you use bigger beads like she does. And keep to a less complicated design. 

She also has a great video showing her 10 Tips for Flat Beadwork. Very helpful indeed. She says the best reason for using Czech beads is to use their slight inconsistency as an advantage. A slightly smaller bead will help you fit a bead into the last little space. 

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