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Two Quick and Easy Beaded Knotted Wrap Bracelets Using Waxed Linen Cord

Making simple seed bead knotted wrap bracelets will not take a lot of time.  They also can be customized using different color patterns - think about the odd beads you might have left over too!

These two quick and easy bracelet tutorials were demonstrated by Andrea over at Beadaholique.

The first tutorial using the cobra knot/solomon knot, has the 8/0 beads in the middle. This knot which is often used by thick paracord bracelet makers which is easier to see. So I really appreciate Andrea's careful tutorial with the much thinner waxed linen cord. The big hole bead clasp is also easy to do. 

The second tutorial is the one she mentioned in first tutorial. This time she has the beads on the outside, giving this design a different look. The central cord is doubled (option) and the button clasp is also a great alternative to a large bead. 

See more easy knotted bracelet tutorial - links below. 

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  1. I love making wrap bracelets. I've purchased 3 WrapIts from Beadaholique so I can make 5 wrap bracelets. I've probably made over a 100 wrap bracelets so far it's that much fun!

    1. Thanks so much for reminding me about the 3 Wrapits! I have not used mine yet!

  2. cute. I wanted to tape down her core strands (loosely) to keep them out of the way! is a Cobra knot a basic square knot?

    1. No. The square knot involves both side cords in making the knot whereas the Cobra or Solomon bar cord makes the knot with one cord at a time. Check Youtube for the videos.



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