I've featured rubber jewelry designers before but Dallas based Kurt Molhusen and more recently, his partner, Kay of ArtwithLatex astounded me with their amazing statement latex accessories. Always bold and sometimes colorful, their pieces show their skill working and forming with natural liquid latex. 

Their handmade wearable latex pieces are all custom colored. Kurt, who has been working with latex for over 20 years explained :
All of my pieces are hand squeezed individually one at time wet on wet and left to air dry. I recently started combining glass crystals and eyes to my work.

He described the process similar to making royal icing! Getting the consistency correct is important. You can see the "piping" process on their Instagram post here. 

I have chosen many of their Halloween inspired pieces because, well, it's October. But they do a wide range of designs including the colorful mandala chest piece shown above, to more muted blacks with accent colors. 

Kurt said that they recently lost their website and will be looking at starting a new one as soon as they can. For now, you can see their work on their Etsy and Instagram

Kurt also shared the next three photos showing their accessories adorning latex outfits. Their work does not necessarily need to be paired with latex clothing either. 

Rubber clothing, being tight like a second skin and shiny, is considered fetish wear. However, in recent years, such clothing has moved into the mainstream with celebrities like Lady Gaga,  BeyoncĂ©, Katy Perry and Cardi B, the Kardashians and more sporting such alternative clothing. Top designers have also designed with latex and PVC. 

Latex clothes are not sewn together - the punctured holes of the sewing needle will soon stretch and grow too big. The clothes are actually glued. 

This 10 min time lapse video by a German latex clothing fan, Celene Nox, shows her making a form fitting bodysuit.

Celene got into latex clothing because she was into goth and saw her first latex outfit.  She has some tips on how to wear, wash and store latex clothing in this video. Some of the tips are applicable to keeping rubber jewelry in tip top shine and shape.   

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