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How to Make Wire V-Links to Form Chains | Beadsmith's One Step Looping Pliers

The Vietnamese wire artist, Lan Anh Handmade, has a cool wire tutorial for making chains based on just one wire shape - a length of wire with two loops at the end. It is amazing to see unique V shaped chain lengths form from such a simple element.  She shows how variations are possible. 

An alternative linking component style is the Egyptian coil - see this tutorial

One thing is for sure - you will get plenty of practice in making consistent loops.  I think short lengths of the formed chain will make pretty earrings too. 

The Beadsmith has a very useful tool called the One- Step Looper which helps make consistent loops. A time saver if you have lots to do.  Cuts the wire in the process too.  This tool might make the above chain making a mite easier! There are different versions for different loop sizes available.

Watch their tutorial on how it works : 

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  1. I am bad with wire but I do have the 1-step looping pliers in at least one size so this is definitely something to try.

    1. Wire work takes practice but having a tool makes things easier! Good luck!

  2. Not another hobby?!?! I generally stay away from wire work, but with the wire looper and the simplicity of the design, I might just have found another hobby.

    1. LOL! Here's a challenge for you - try mixing wire work with your beadwork.

  3. Fabulous idea! And the chains look amazing!


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