Picked up some shells from your summer beach vacation?  Want to make some shell jewelry but you are reluctant to drill it?  Check out this awesome resin clay mermaid shell pendant tutorial!   Follow the link to Youtube and turn on the captions for the English subtitles. 

The multi-talented designer is Handmade Art Time. She is adapt with different media including clay work. You do not have to bake this clay because she used resin clay - the solid form of epoxy clay. One popular brand used by crafters and woodworkers is Apoxie Sculpt. You can get it in different colors but I find just using the basic shade is fine as you can color it as the instructor shows in her video.

Resin clay will air harden in about 2 hours so you do have plenty of working time. I like her tip for using vaseline to coat fingers while mixing the two clay parts which is a sticky job. Resin clay has adhesive properties which is why she could attach the jump ring bail, pearl and cabochon right on the clay by simply embedding them in the clay. 

The way she bronzed up the clay makes it look metallic. The clay bezel around the small cabochon also contributes to the metal bezel petal look.  She does make it look easy but she is very experienced in polymer clay work too. 

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