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Lovely Christmas Ornaments and Jewelry Set Tutorials by AsszaBeadingArts

I have featured Assza of AsszaBeadingArts before. This Hungarian beader is a prolific designer with many lovely tutorials.  She even designed an exclusive and free Star Shower beaded pendant tutorial just for readers here. 

This time I will highlight her Christmas designs, many of which can be used either as a pendant or as an ornament. There are angels, trees, crosses and stars

She is also one of the few designers who offers many jewelry sets. Shown at the end are three of my favorites. Be prepared to spend some time browsing through over 400 tutorials!  Having to choose will be difficult!

Before You Go:

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  1. I love this designer. I have many of her patterns. Always great illustrations and step by step, you can't go wrong!

  2. I love those bells! They are stunning - as well as everything else she creates! Wow!

  3. Oh my goodness! So many beautiful pieces in her shop! I am now the proud owner of some!

  4. Her designs are sweet!

  5. Wow, these are fantastic! Imagination and creativity at their best!

  6. very creative and beautiful! I like that she doesn't use a lot of different beads.


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