Did you know I have been a fan of Yael's work for 11 years?  I first noticed Yoola Design when Yael was designing her contemporary style of wire crochet. But it didn't take long before fans were asking for tools and tutorials and the rest is history. 

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to write about and to feature her innovative tools - see links below. She offered a set of her latest, the chain link tool set for a giveaway last week

Long time readers already knew about Yoola Design but there were some who were not familiar with this technique and tools.  Yael calls her method Invisible Spool Knitting (ISK) -  it is a faster alternative to Viking Knit (see first link below). It's a crochet method in that a hook is used but the results are knitted stitches and modern styles. All evenly done!

Alba asked in a comment, "I have tried crocheting with wire before, and I've had mixed results. Sometimes it's difficult to see a distinct shape in the work, for ex. And I am interested in trying chain mail, but it does seem awfully tedious (no offense to those who do it-- my crafts are awfully tedious to those not into 'em). Do you really think these help?"

Yes. The reason why crafters struggle to see a distinct shape with wire crochet is because it is hard to start doing say, a free form ring of chained stitches. You can do traditional wire crochet without the tools but they do help "set" the shapes and keep them that way while you are working on it. The tool also makes it easy to hold on to the work in progress. Once you get the technique, the wire crocheting can be very fast. See Yael's youtube video on one of her other tools where she does work at speed : 

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator on random.org to do the picking. The lucky winner is Luan Chace Nicholson!  Congratulations.

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