The lotus flower is a popular design element for jewelry makers. Here is one where it features as the focal for a gorgeous wire wrapped bookmark.  The designer and instructor is Lindsey Griffin, a wire artist from Wyoming. Her Youtube channel is called Cleft of the Rock Creations

Lindsey lists all you need for this project in the video description. Just follow the link for the tutorial to Youtube to see it. 

She says :
The bookmark itself is a beginner design, imo. The lotus is a little more intermediate but gets easier with practice. The possibilities for customizing this design are pretty endless. Bookmarks are a GREAT gift option for men as well as women who don't wear jewelry. They're also really great for adding variety to your product line and don't take very long to make, so they're also good for lower price points on a table at a craft show or hanging in a shop!

You can certainly adapt the basic lotus for other jewelry pieces.  Lindsey shares her lotus flower ring tutorial here

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