I have featured Coppertistwu before. The amazing cast metal designers behind this Hong Kong based brand never fails to impress.  They work in brass, copper, gold vermeil and silver. Their designs are hand cast, hand polished and hand oxidized. Shown here are some of their innovative ideas. Great imagination.  Perhaps there is something for that hard to get for person on your list?

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The pirate octopus whistle on a keyring above and below is clearly an inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean and the well known sailors' superstitious fear of the mythical Kraken - based on sightings of giant squid. 

The whistle is a composite of different metals including brass for the main part, with copper for the little fish and bail and silver for the mouthpiece. This piece comes with a bail for a pendant and a key ring as you can see in this short video.

The praying mantis brooch is also clever. The antennae has been folded back to form a bail so it can be worn as a pendant. 

The brass (or silver) rattlesnake charm for a pendant is also cool as it articulates and simulates the sound of the rattlesnake. Is that good or bad?

The solid brass viper bottle opener below has so much texture! It works as an ornament too. This is a difficult design to cast, with a high failure rate because the thousands of tiny scales. These tend to stick together which means the piece will have to be scrapped. 

The hermit crab bottle opener is another wonderful design which took 3 months to realize. I was a little confused with the explanation about "the angle of the crab's two cheeks and the snap of the conch."I think they mean the angle of the two claws and probably shape of the conch. 

Coppertistwu also said :
 The body of the hermit crab and the starfish (on the shell) are copper, and the conch is bronze. To make it look more realistic, we made its eyes out of sterling silver. Because of the different melting points of the different metals, it was a very challenging piece to craft. We hope we have done so in a way that has made this product a practical tool and a unique and brilliant work of art.

The gold vermeil cobra coffee spoon is also a standout - literally standing out in one's cup of coffee, ready to strike. That is enough to get the adrenaline going first thing in the morning!

Their tentacle designs such as this S-hook are popular!

The dog incense holder and the cat version are also cleverly designed. I wonder if either can also be used for slim pencils and pens?

Coppertistwu also has many snake jewelry designs. 

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