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MarinaBeads06's Pretty Beaded Jewelry Tutorials for Bead Lovers

I still remember when we really did not have many choices of bead shapes. Then the innovative Czech bead makers started to come out with Superduos and other types of double holes beads, DiamonDuos, Avas, Silkys, Arcos and so on!  The range is endless and the design possibilities limitless.

One designer who has taken advantage of the variety is Florida based, Marina of MarinaBeads06. She has many pretty beaded jewelry tutorials as well as a stock of beads which shows her love for different kinds of beads.

I have chosen some of my favorites from her tutorial collection. What I like best about most of her designs is they are rated for beginners to intermediate and won't take months and months to make!  Sweet.

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  1. I do love her patterns, especially her unique use of shaped beads.

  2. I have some of her tutorials and they are easy to follow. I also like finding patterns for the unusual shaped beads. I think I have stashes of just about every kind, and it's nice to be able to find things to do with them. (You do not want to know how much space my bead stash takes up...)


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