Romainian bead jewelry designer, Adina of AdivaJewels, comes across as innovative. This beader uses many of the more recently available shaped beads, and often in new and attractive ways.

For example, the designs above and below feature crescent beads.  The necklace uses the beads in a pattern to form the "butterflies" whereas her bracelet design has them tightly clustered for a unique floral look.

This prolific designer also has many jewelry set tutorials like this one below which uses kite beads.

I love how she uses Gem Duos to form the bezel around a Cabochon par Puca for her "Tess" design. Not as blingy as with crystals.

The "Elina" pendant tutorial features both Zoliduo and Arcos par Puca beads in a colorful mix!  Adiva has so many outstanding tutorials which made it hard to choose a selection. But I can say that this design is my favorite.

Some might find the Kheops par Puca beads a little tricky to work with because of their triangular shapes. But this design takes advantage of it.

The Zoliduo beads are placed in her "Linda" pendant such that they resemble hearts! The kite beads are surrounded by seed beads making them look like leaves. Another stunning design.

Some of her innovative designs use just the more common bead shapes but in such interesting ways. I thought her "Greta" ring tutorial really different - I have not seen anyone else make stacking rings by joining the focal areas!

Her beautiful evil eye bracelet tutorial is also a rare treat.

 Her Lacy bracelet is certainly lacy in looks!

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