You may have noticed I like sharing super easy bail knot tutorials I come across.  It's not just because they are quick to do but mostly because they are much more secure than just the ordinary lark's head or cow hitch knot. See the links below for some past posts on such knots. 

Here is the latest find - a short video posted by oarumigorumi on Instagram. The knot consists of two cow hitches with a twist in between. That is it!

But I notice there is a difference between the front and the back of the knot. The "front" as demonstrated shows two little knots but when I turned my donut around, I found there was just one knot showing. Which side you use is up to you!

I can some of you going through gemstone donut stashes and making up several quick gifts.  This style of simple necklaces appeals to many people. I like it because the rat-tail cords I use is so comfortable on the neck. 

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