I am a big fan of Canadian native bead artist, Breanna Deis. She is an inspiring all rounder - great beadwork talent coupled with awesome social media, photography and videography skills.  

Here is another of her useful tutorials from her Youtube channel. If you like contemporary style bead embroidery, hers is a must follow!

This tutorial shows you how to add rhinestone cup chain as banding to bead embroidery projects.  The rhinestones certainly add bling to banding. 

Good tips on using glue to stop and start the chain - the extra security helps.  She says the glue she uses does not dry clear.  I recommend the craft glue from Starbond. It is an excellent fast acting glue. I normally use the Medium for most applications. (15% off if you use this code: BGSB15). Or you can get it on Amazon. (Canadians should check their local woodworking stores). 

I also like the way she fits the chain. 

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