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Mixed Media Jewelry Designs by Big Blue Barn Designs

So many people loved seeing my friend Aims Abson's amazing restored and decorated little trailer in last year's post. She uses it as a moving jewelry shop for Big Blue Barn Designs. Her regulars come to see her mobile shop which is parked in her driveway.   She also intends to take it to outdoor craft shows in Alberta, Canada, where she lives.

I did link to her website but focused on the views outside and inside including her jewelry setup.  But some readers also wanted to see her designs up close!  So here they are. 

Aims is a self taught mixed media artist. She says her love of shiny things was what started her on her jewelry making journey.  She also loves making one of a kind pieces which stand out from the crowd. 

She uses different techniques. Firstly, she is a metalsmith who "bashes" metal.  Some of her loveliest pieces are her copper etched designs. She also makes upcycled flatware designs. Her latest flatware design called Ms Elspeth, is delightful! Shown above and below.

Love her high heels and handbag. Clearly a fashionista!

Aims described this design had ...

 little lapis lazuli purse is adorable along with her rhinestone high heels. Had to mix my patina paint to get it to match the shoes.....such fun!

Miss Mary Jane, below is also adorable :

 If I had to pick a favorite collection, it would be her polymer clay horse designs. Totally adorable.  Also noteworthy are her decoupaged wooden birdhouse necklaces.

Aims is always busy working on something. She has made a ton of wrapped bead and leather bracelets. As you can see from some of the examples here, Aims is also fond of strong colors!

Good luck Aims at this year's craft shows!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Those ladies pendants are smashing, never seen anything like that!

  2. Thank you so much Pearl for featuring my work. It's hard to believe I've been doing this now for 16 years. It's a pleasure to work in this medium and it's one that allows me to learn something new every day and to expand my skills with that knowledge. I've been inspired by more of your posts than I can name and have taken that inspiration and used it to make my own version. I'm one of those people who has a burning desire to be unique and I hope it shows in my jewelry. My work talks to people who also want to look different and to have people stop them and ask where they got that piece! I hear this all the time and it makes me happy for the new owners. I've been told time and again how happy that makes them when they are asked. It's a validation of their own tastes and brings them back time and again for something different that they know no one else will own. Hopefully when people see this post and look at my website they will find that one piece that speaks to them and that they must have!


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