I am such an idiot.  I discovered the wonderful and gorgeous metal and wire work jewelry by Florida based Terri of Untwistedsister TWO  years ago but somehow forgot to add her to my blogging queue.  Perhaps it is no bad thing because Terri says she has been doing more silversmithing these days so her collection has grown.  

There are indeed some fabulous designs from this talented artisan. Some of her wire work designs are also available as tutorials. 

Terri is detail oriented. It shows in her careful wire work and choice of precious metal elements and texturing to go with the focals she choses. Some of my favorite designs are her pendants featuring porcelain snowy owls. 

She said she didn't know why a brecciated jasper she used in one of her designs - scroll down below -  was called Dead Camel jasper.  I did a little digging. According to Crystal Vaults, it is a fairly new stone and was named after Dead Camel mountain range in Nevada near where it was first discovered. This jasper has a beautiful range of colors as shown in Terri's lovely design. 

Terri explained how she got into jewelry making and the origin of her unusual shop name :

I'm not quite sure but it started with an 'innocent' stop with a friend into a bead store. 
So, am I one of those 'artsy' people you see at the craft shows with their long hippie skirts and floppy hats? Not even close. 
When I'm not being artistic I'm a tennis bum. I'm a middle aged, avid doubles player, total tennis fanatic! If I'm not playing the game, I love nothing more than to sit in front of the tv watching a great match while I play with silver and fire.
Are you wondering about the name "UntwistedSister"?Remember that friend that dragged me into a bead store? She does fabulous intricate beading with those teeny tiny seed beads. So, together we created "TwistedSisters Jewelry" and went to some craft fairs and we did well. But circumstances in her life ended our partnership. So there I was.. without my 'twistedsister'. I was "UNtwisted" and that's how the name came about.
Is a stop at a bead store ever innocent?  But Terri's first visit proved to be her doing!  There will be more fabulous designs in her future. 

Dead Camel Jasper and Sterling Silver pendant

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