What happens if you failed to stay up for an online auction of a high quality replica of Tutankhamen's Falcon Necklace?  Well, if you are SculptyWorks on Youtube, you get down to work and make your own!

He explains he is "a craftsman, Egyptologist, artist, and violin-maker, with many varied interests, currently residing in the beautiful state of Virginia." He also makes jewelry.  Add multi-talented to his resume!

The falcon represents the Egyptian god, Horus, an important deity for the Ancient Egyptians responsible for healing, protection, the sun and the sky and was the symbol for kingship.

 His first video shows how he sculpts the falcon from clay. This part takes him a long time as he had to get the design right, down to the last indentation and detail.  He then moves to making a mold for the lost wax casting method. Again, this took a while because he had to experiment and find the right metal for his casting.

The second video shows him adding all the gemstone details. The making of the real gemstone necklace part is straight forward. But he had to figure out a suitable way to simulate what was originally cloisonne (glass enamel in metal cells) for the falcon part.  He didn't go down the cloisonne route because it would have taken too much time.  But crushed gemstone with epoxy resin worked!

The project turned out beautifully!

 Can't make the Falcon necklace yourself but want to rock the Ancient Egyptian style?  You can purchase handmade versions from Egypt. This one from DOMARKET enamelled brass and comes in different sizes. Check out the store - there are other fabulous Ancient Egyptian styles.

This beautiful version is set against lapis lazuli in sterling silver and gold plating.  The designer is Istanbul based Ece who designs and crafts for her shop RebelJewelry.

Not everyone is into gold. So check out this Egyptian Falcon design by independent Turkish designer, Resat of TRlandofSilver. He offers it in silver, gold and rose gold which is a light coppery color.

Watch the National Geographic's Tutankhamun in Color which tells the story of Howard Carter and his amazing discovery back in 1922, through colorized old photos. Carter was a talented artist and it was his drawing skills which led him into Egyptology.

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