People have been using amulets as a means of protection and healing since ancient times. They thought these amulets would evil influences or bad luck.  There was little effective medical aid back then so amulets were depended upon. Amulets are also part of many religions as demonstrations of faith. Amulets can be anything - coins, statues, drawings and text, small carvings, animal parts and so on.  

Of the amulets which can be worn, gemstone amulets must surely be the most beautiful. Dr Sophie Morris, the V&A museum's Assistant Curator shows off some gorgeous crystal and gemstone amulets in their historical collection.

The first example is a carved out quartz crystal locket - the hollows were once used to hold crayfish eyes. Rock crystal and thus this amulet was meant to treat vision problems. I can't imagine anyone wearing this for too long before having to change out the crayfish eyes!

The craftsmanship of these amulets is inspiring as the artisans would have considered what materials to use for beauty as well as for what they believed to be metaphysical properties. The function of the pendant also factored in if it were meant to house anything like saint's tears and so on. 

An amazing collection!

 Modern day designers still make amulets.  Here are some of my favorites from talented beaders. 

This beaded rosary pouch tutorial can be made with a little beaded chain. The British designer is  IceniBeadedDesign. I have featured her wonderful beaded vessel work before. 

This odd count peyote amulet bag tutorial uses a metal chain. The British designer is Melanie Tucker of MeliCraft

This fringed turtle beaded amulet bag tutorial from Outoftheflames is so pretty in these colors.  It can be done with a loom or square stitch. The later is slower but then you don't need a loom.  The designer is Lori Reynolds who has other amulet designs available. 

Diana of DianaFitzgeraldBeads has an awesome beaded bead corona amulet tutorial. It is about 1.5 inch across and is made up of peyote stitched pentagons and triangles.  I have reviewed her book before

This clever beaded spellbook tutorial allows the creation to open to reveal text or pictures which can be slipped into the picture-like frames. Katie Dean of Beadflowers is the designer.  I have featured her wonderful beaded box tutorials before

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