Ear climbers (or crawlers) are a relatively new earrings style. It's worn on the ear itself going upwards, hence its name. A great alternative to those who don't want dangles or studs. 

This tutorial shows you how to wire wrap a short length of rhinestones to wire to make ear climbers. The instructor is LACREME on Youtube

You do have to curve the climber to fit. You'll also have to make a mirror image if you want a pair.  Adjustments are necessary for good fit. 

But the video does not show you how to put on the ear climber!  Here is a helpful video on how to do so. 

The family of designers behind HoopsbyHand produced the above video to show how to wear their lovely minimalist ear climbers which are made with precious metal - sterling silver and gold filled. Shown below is a textured gold filled one perfect for those who want a simpler look. 

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