Is it hot where you are?  Anything for a breeze, eh?  How about making your own beaded hand fan? This clever tutorial by Italian designer, Veronica Berenice of LeBdiBerenice shows you how to create and bead a small fan (12 cm high and 20 cm wide). It can fold up because the wood sticks are connected at the bottom.

The tutorial is in both Italian and English and includes the instructions for a beaded tassel. Note that it is for advanced beaders.

The expression "Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies glow" is thought to have originated in Victorian times. 

There is actually some truth to that statement. Japanese scientists have discovered that women actually have to work a lot harder than men in order to build up a real sweat. The study found that men not only perspired much more quickly but lost twice as much sweat. The gender difference could explain why men and women cope differently in heatwaves.

The lead scientist, Dr Yoshimitsu Inoue, says that the difference is an evolutionary adaptation because women generally have proportionately less body fluid than men and could become dehydrated more easily. 

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