Love dinosaurs or know someone who loves them too?  Then you have to see the amazing work of New Orleans based David of DavidWhiteGlass. This glass artist makes miniature glass dinosaur jewelry and sculptures.

Some of the dinosaur species are very familiar ones like the T. Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, brontosaurus and so on. I love the colors he uses for his hand sculpted creations, especially the blended colors. The use of an alien green color for the T. Rex skull is awesome. 

His is remarkable work - especially the earrings and triceratops pendant - because of the small working scale. He manages to capture just the right features to make the dinosaurs instantly recognizable. 

Prehistoric Planet

There have been many excellent documentaries on dinosaurs over the past few decades, each one surpassing the previous with better technology. The most recent one and the best so far is Prehistoric Planet (narrated by David Attenborough) where the landscapes and backgrounds are real but the super realistic dinosaurs are brought to life with computers.  It is available on Apple +. Highly recommended.

Prehistoric Planet Season 1 (2022)

Prehistoric Planet Season 2 (2023)

On location with Prehistoric Planet

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