One of my favorite wire artisans on Youtube is the Estonian designer from Suzy Wong Studio.  I featured her previous lovely wire tutorial for a beaded toggle clasp some time ago. That design had small round beads around the ring part of the clasp. 

In this tutorial, she puts the round beads along the bar itself. The beads look really large in the image above but they are only 4 mm beads. You could also experiment with even smaller beads, like metal ones. 

She uses 18G wire for the main part with 23 G (use 22 or 24G as alternatives) to wrap.  You can drop down to 20 G and 26G but I do recommend you stick to the wire dimensions the instructor uses as the clasp will be sturdier and look better. 

You might wonder if a beaded ring and bar could be made using both this tutorial and the previous one I mentioned. It's a good idea but remember the clasp will be "heftier" looking. What you choose will depend on the bracelet you are making. 

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