When I first started laser cutting wood for jewelry making and providing the cuts and cutting files for others to use in my beadinggem Etsy store, I had some ideas of my own. But nothing prepared me for the amazing creativity and artistic talent among the many who have bought said wood cuts. 

So here is a homage to these creative souls who took the time and effort to share the results of their endeavors in the review section of my shop. Some but not all, have shops and social media presences, so I have included the links when possible. 

Susan Stokes of Art and Soul Studios is an amazing artist who revels working on small canvases. She initially starting painting on polymer clay but found that process too long. She just wanted to start painting with the minimum preparation of her "canvases". Enter my wood cuts (and also of other laser cutters)! Some of her amazing art is seen in the above and below photos.  Susan sells mainly online. You can also find her on Facebook

Marina Gershman is a New York based artist who sells all kinds of artwork mainly on her eBay store. She has a lovely colorful painting style.  She did buy some of my wood cuts for some jewelry designs as you can see from these below :

Zofia said she loved my wood cuts because she could layer up!  She combined my tiny studs with the rectangular wood pieces. You can see more of her amazing crafty and arty creations on her Instagram, Baabaapi

She also combined my little flower studs with someone else's strawberry wood cut!  Neat! 

Canadian artisan, Sophie of MaidenwoodEmbroidery clearly loves embroidery as she provides kits and such in her store. But she had specific plans for my wood frames. Just a gorgeous set of mixed media pendants! The frames are doubled up with the embroidery pieces sandwiched between.

Delivering a lot of bang for such small wood cuts are the designs by talented artist, Catherine of Absolem.Ink on Instagram. Such glamorous earrings with her deft use of glitter and color!

I also have a line of macrame wood cuts. This buyer used it for a cool pair of fabric and wood earrings!

Suzanne bought my little cat wood cuts over two years ago. She had so much fun making these unique!

All the above creations shows that you are only limited by your imagination!

Did you miss my review on the wonderful xTool Laser Cutter/Blade Cutter for the home crafter? Something to check into if you would rather make your own wood cuts etc. 

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