Today, gothic jewelry is not only black but usually includes symbols considered dark such as skulls, moths, bats and spiders. Polish artist and designer, Asia of FabrykaBaniek,  has her own take on this popular style of jewelry. 

Her delicately ethereal and minimalist style features her miniature drawings set in metal bezels and covered with epoxy resin. 

Asia also designs other gothic and surreal posters.

Watch Open University's Gothic Revival Design in a Nutshell short video which shows the beginning of the gothic style which still persists today. 

Beside Gothic Revival architecture, Victorians were particularly fond of the gothic literature. Writers such as Britain's Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) and the Brontë sisters as well as American writers such as Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne excelled in gothic fiction. The one book which terrified me from the Victorian era was the fast paced Bram Stoker's Dracula written in 1897!

Queen Victoria herself could perhaps be considered the queen of goth because of her decades long mourning period for her beloved Prince Albert. She always wore black dresses and she single handedly popularized the black organic gemstone, jet in jewelry. Even her behavior was morbid as she insisted his bust be included in all family portraits after his death - even the one taken in 1863 (below) for the wedding of the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII) and his bride!  

The Victorians were often considered a prudish lot but they never held back with their preoccupation with death!

Photo Credit : Royal Collection Trust

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