Crystal (cup) chain is arguably an underused jewelry making component. Yet, there are so many wonderful things you can make with crystals already joined up and spaced out evenly ! See my past features linked below.  This one, Beautiful Beaded Jewelry Tutorials with Crystal Cup Chains by b4pbakup, shows that even beaders can make use of crystal chains.

They are also called rhinestone banding and it comes in many colors and crystal sizes. Whatever their names, Zari Designer on Youtube, takes full advantage of their considerable glam. 

3 different metal colors Supplier : Kyezi

The first tutorial I selected  is for a bridal headband (shown above).  Even if you are not planning to make wedding jewelry, her clever application of the French or Victorian beading technique is worth a look. You can also apply the technique for smaller projects. 

The other tutorial by this designer also uses crystal chain but this time she solders the components together for a glamorous pair of earrings

She uses a blue sticky putty to temporarily hold the crystals together while she works on the piece. This is probably similar to  MinTack or mineral mounting putty which is used to hold minerals, crystals, fossils etc.

She also has another headband tutorial shown in the previous video, which was inspired by a Korean style headband design. It is wavy with crystals tassels - reminds me of the Roarin' Twenties! She did not solder the backs together but used hot glue.  The design would be much more durable if she did. I wonder if this tutorial was geared towards those who did not want to solder and to make quick work of it. 

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