Remember that decoupage jewelry video tutorial I shared some time ago? It was the manual method of making cute earrings using origami paper, Mod Podge and a very sharp craft knife. That was the prelude to today's tutorial where I will show you the tips and tricks to making decoupage jewelry very fast decoupage jewelry with a laser cutter. Now that is a precision cutter for sure!

I used my xTOOLM1 hybrid cutter - you can read my full review about it and on why I think it is a great model for the home crafter and some professionals. 

This latest video tutorial, again using origami paper,  shows you the steps you can save with a laser cutter. I also cover the glues and sealants I used including which I preferred. Adding a dimensional finish like resin or Mod Podge's Dimensional Magic  is an option which I demonstrated - you can decide for yourself if you wish to add this step to the basic decoupage method. I encountered some pitfalls as you can see from the video!

I also have the cut files available on my Etsy for those of you who have access to a laser cutter (check your local makerstudio if you don't have one). Please let me know if you want to use the manual method as I currently do not have most of these designs as pre-cut wood blanks. I can get them cut in a jiffy!

xTOOLM1 Jewelry Tutorial : Fast & Easy Laser Cut Wood Decoupage

I loved the results!  My favorites were these cat and fish bowl pendant and earrings!

I liked both the resin and non-resin versions.

At least one reader has commented that she was eyeing the xTOOLM1.  I am slowly adding to my Youtube channel on jewelry making which also has a playlist on laser cutting. The tutorials are geared for beginners and you'll learn as you go. So please subscribe to get advanced notification on these tutorials.

There are a couple of previous tutorials, shown below, which I had not blogged about before. These pertain to the accessories. Not to worry, I will also be adding fun projects!

The Air Assist is highly recommended. I have also found the honeycomb bed and rise unit to be very useful. So if you are thinking of the xTOOL machines, these tutorials below will give you an inkling of what is involved. I find the xTOOLM1 very easy to use and suitable for beginners. It is slower than their bigger machines, but then, the price tag is also a lot lower!

Tips on How to Install Air Assist to Reduce Laser Burn Marks on Wood

Step by Step Installation Guide for Honeycomb Bed and Riser Unit

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