When a talented designer such as Illinois based Shelley Nybakke of SturdyGirlDesigns has more than 100 lovely beading tutorials, I knew I couldn't just featured her once.  

My last feature focused on her amazing "Until I Can Breathe Again" peyote necklace shown again below.  She explained :
This design got me through a rough patch in my life and now I just chuckle to myself cause I'm breathing just fine. "A man who makes you cry just isn't worth your tears."

She also has a delightfully short shop bio :
I started beading. I can't stop. End of story.
Lucky for us she can't stop because she has designed dozens of lovely tutorials. Very noticeable is her large collection bracelets and bangles. One of my favorites is the house bangle above, inspired by a knitted blanket designed by Margaret Holzman. It was a very popular design back when we had to stay at home.

Check out her shop and you can see why I found it so hard to pick just these few examples!

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