Caryssa is a New Mexico based wire artisan who makes lovely wire wrapped cabochon jewelry. My favorites from her shop, CreationsbyCaryssa are those where she layers a beautiful element on top of the gemstones such as the monstera leaf (above) and the lotus flower (below).

I also love one of her pendants which looks like a cat!  I hope Caryssa will consider adding "cat" to her listing title and also her tags as I believe this design can attract a wider audience - there are a lot of cat lovers out there!

Also neat is the way she photographs her creation - she uses her sleeping baby's hand as the background!

As you can see from many of her designs, Caryssa loves labradorite and combining this gemstone with others for really gorgeous pieces.

Her tree of life wire wrapped tutorial  on her Youtube channel, is a lovely one where the wire frame is hidden at the back. Beautifully done,

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