Friday, May 23, 2008

Ktichen Jewelry : Wearable Pottery by Gesine Hackenberg

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Gésine Hackenberg is a German artist and metal smith who thinks outside the box when it comes to creating unusual jewelry. She connects between ordinary objects and making something wearable. Her kitchen jewelry consists of punched out portions of pottery, lacquered bowls and plates strung together like beads to form necklaces, brooches or incorporated into rings.

Broken pieces of pottery are also given new beginnings - the ring portion of a tea cup has even been made into a ring spoon (below left)! The remnant of pottery still attached to the ring part becomes the scoop! Brilliant.

Via Creativadoration
The Beading Gem's Journal


Tina Holden said...

Hi Pearl,
how in the world do you 'punch' out pottery rounds? Not into pottery myself other than finding old beach pottery, but am curious none-the-less because it looks hard to do! A router does that to wood, but pottery...???

The Beading Gem said...

Hi Tina - I was wondering that myself. My guess would be a laser. I have another artisan I will feature later on who uses an industrial laser to cut. The cuts can be very precise.

Edna said...

Nice creativity.... enjoyed your designs.

Janick - Creativadoration said...

Thanks for linking back to my post on my blog! :)

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