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If you've never heard of the word "steampunk", you're in good company for I didn't know what it was until recently. The word apparently originated in the 1980's to describe science fiction literature set in a bygone age in the style of 19th century science fantasy books by H. G. Wells (The Time Machine, War of the Worlds) and Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).

The steampunk phenomenon is gaining popularity and moving into the mainstream. Steampunk fans for e.g. wear clothes from a different century and favour technological designs which look like they came from the 19th century. So steampunk in terms of jewelry would include old watch movements, something we don't expect to see in our day and age.

I came across Ricky Wolbrom of New York when she was interviewed about her work on There she describes how she collects vintage Swiss watch parts to make her jewelry. Some creations take her ages to do. The result is a unique form of jewelry, which brings back the beauty of these old pieces in a totally modern way. You can check out her Etsy Store called EDM Designs for her fabulous line of steam punk rings, cuff links, earrings and pendants. You won't be disappointed for there are many excellent pieces.

UPDATE August 1 2008 : Ricky has just launched her upscale website to great success - check it out here -

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  1. My daughter likes this kind of jewelry, she was the first one to show it to me. It's very creative for sure. I may have to check out that shop for Christmas shopping this year!

  2. Steampunk jewelry has a distinct look that is fashionable yet subtle.Great pieces of art.

  3. Sad to say that her pieces are overpriced. She uses hot glue to glue watch pieces to pre-fab rings. Bought one of her pieces and it did not last long. If it was better made then the price presented would be acceptable. HOT GLUE big no no!


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