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Toe Rings to Help You Lose Weight

Let's Get Physical Jewelry
Part 1 of 2

A Japanese company, Cataloger has an unusual jewelry item they claim will help you lose weight. Their Slim Rings are made from flexible silicone plastic and cost about $34 per ring. Each ring has a lumpy part on the inside. You're supposed to get a pair for both big toes. The rings are worn with the lumpy side down so that when you walk, you will kind of mince your steps. Then the muscles you don't usually use will get a workout. Inches will melt off your belly and thighs. Maybe. I suspect the pounds will drop off faster with diet and regular exercise. Nobody will laugh at your funny walk either.

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  1. Okay that's just weird. And I really wish the gal in the pic would have cut her toenails. I'm old school - I don't like the longer toenail look with french manicures and all that. Ugh. But I digress. :) If you wanted to try the toe rings I imagine a band-aid with a little piece of cotton wadded up inside it would do the same thing. But I'm not buying it. The premise OR the product. :)

  2. Well laugh if you want but I myself have lost 73 pounds in 4 months wearing these toe rings and they give you energy.

  3. oh wow really they do work???...i gonna go buy 1, I hope they work


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