Seen the new Star Trek movie yet? I have and it is super! A fresh look with new faces and cool special effects. No wonder it garnered rave reviews even from the most jaded of movie critics. Watch the trailer here.

There are plenty of Trekkies out there and I'll bet some of them love jewelry too. So I was delighted to find an artisan, Jezebel Charms who came up with the timely Star Trek Steampunk bracelet for fans. Thanks for the tweet @Misi_UK. Live long and prosper!

Given the movie's huge popularity even amongst non-fans of the previous movies and tv series, Star Trek jewelry may be a growing niche market. Most of the jewelry I've seen tend to be metallic Star Fleet insignias or charms and pendants of the Enterprise space ship. Handmade designs on the other hand are slim on the ground.

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