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Swarovski Studded Mile Long Wedding Dress

Is there any limit to how lavish or extravagant a bride wants her wedding to be? 7,000 Swarovski crystals were used to decorate the world's longest wedding dress designed by Romanian Oana Comanescu. The train was a nearly a mile long or if you think in metric - 1,579 metres! This is also equivalent to more than 31 laps of an Olympic size pool.

It took several designers 70 days to complete the US$5100 dress which was displayed at the E-Marriage Festival in Bucharest . It will be sold at auction at the Festival. 7,000 Swarovski crystals isn't a lot when you consider the length of the train but sewing them all on is a big deal!

It really begs the question - why?
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  1. And it only costs $5000? That's crazy!

  2. It's mostly tulle. The designer might have had help simply for the publicity.

    I don't know if there are many brides who would even pay $5000!

  3. You have to wonder how long the marriage will last. How is that for being pessimistic but really $5000 for a dress worn only for several hours.

  4. Some people are just a bit crazy. I want to know if she actually walked a mile to stretch the train out to it's full length. I mean otherwise, what's the point?

  5. Maybe it's for celebrities.... but 1 mile is crazy people race in cars for 1 mile

  6. pretty! Not sure of it's functionality in the average wedding, but it must be absolutely, sparkling beautiful up close!

  7. $5K today for a wedding dress isn't a lot. I expected it to be more like $50K

  8. Possibly done to get into the "Guinness Book of World Records" as the world's longest bridal train, otherwise I can see no reason to make such a ridiculously long train...and I thought that the beautiful and late Princess Di's bridal gown was incredibly too long!
    As Pearl mentions, $5100 isn't really expensive when you consider that the dress is mostly tulle and probably most of the fabric and crystals were purchased in bulk at wholesale prices.
    Basically the dress is attractive but without the train it would be a simple ball or prom gown and not the knock out bridal attire that one sees on the TV show about brides at Kleinfeld's Bridal Shop: "Say Yes to the Dress".


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