Anatomical Inspirations
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Scars can result through accidents, illnesses, sports injuries and war. They could also be self-inflicted. They are therefore physical reminders of one's past, of what one has gone through and in some cases, of a future assured.

One person who felt deeply about her scar after surviving her bout of thyroid cancer at age 29 was Francesca. Her jewelry artisan friends, Rachel Murawski and Liz Lessner came up with the idea of making a near copy of her scar to wear as jewelry. It's My Scar now offers the service to anyone who wishes to "Claim your past and wear your story."

People send in good pictures of their scars. It's My Scar then makes an artistic rendering in wax before casting in a metal chosen by the customer. It's not a requirement but some people do choose to send in their scar stories.

Francesca's mother Janet was supportive throughout her daughter's illness. She said, "as mothers tend to do, wished that all of the hurt she felt could be transferred on to me." Not long afterwards, Janet was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer and made it. She now wears her scar jewelry (above) with pride because it reminds her of both their experiences. Her other daughter plans to wear both scars as a pendant in support of her mother and sister and in recognition of the risks she too faces with her genetic lottery.

Amanda's story was about a Halloween scarification ritual gone wrong when she was younger. She now calls it her "very complicated beauty mark" and has the necklace to prove it.

Alexandra has always been sporty and competitive but knee surgeries to correct her severe knee problems left her scarred. Her scars represent who she is so she says she wears the ring to "celebrate my body, life and style."


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