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Gemstone Fans make Lovely Focals for Necklaces

Donna has a great eye for form and color. She matched the green aventurine gemstone fan with green and pink lamp work beads. The artistic glass was a clever choice to bridge the green focal beads with the pink hues of the rest of her necklace.

I've always been fond of gemstone fans. They make pretty focals for necklaces. These are sometimes called mini-collars, Egyptian fans, stick beads or even spikes. You can also get much larger fans with more pieces. Beaders at our workshops often ask us if they should put any beads in between. You can indeed and the fan will look just as spectacular.

Beader Design #:542

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  1. Beautiful color combo! I love making beaded necklaces with a focal. For me, it adds just a little artistry than a single strand which is reminiscent of mass produced stuff. I do have a few single strands in my store for variety but my design preference is a focal.


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