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New ways with chains
Part 1 of 2
Singer Rihanna is one celebrity fashionista to watch. She rocked everybody with her boldly different Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo which she wore to the 2009 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

She is shown here sporting really cool hybrid jewelry. Her earrings connect from ear lobe to ear lobe forming a necklace in the front. What should this new jewelry type be called? An ear-lace or a neck-earrings?

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  1. Interesting for sure. Although I'd be worried if I bent over to pick something up and they got caught on something...OUCH! :-)

  2. I agree, rather interesting!!! I often wonder what makes designers come up with such unusual ideas???

  3. Always my first thought - I know I'll get it caught it on something!

  4. It should be called neck-earrings (neckering?!?) because the ear-lace already exists: ;-P Actually, I have seen other serious "ear-lace" pieces like this.

    I would imagine pieces like Rihanna's would have to be very lightweight, or you'd get an ear/headache in no time. And hopefully no one will create an earring that connects to a finger ring--now that would be a nightmare for everyday wear! Though, I think I'm getting an idea for a Halloween costume, now... thanks, Pearl!

  5. I agree with you BlueBuddha - they should be called neck-earrings or something.

    Cool ear-lace by Zed the cat no less! This style which goes around the ears are also called ear wraps. Here is one lovely example -

  6. Lovely ear wrap--thanks for posting that link. Vanessa at Kali Butterfly has a really nice one too, though I don't think it's on her website.

    I don't have pierced ears (I know, I know, I totally should!) So I think I'm going to look into some ear wraps. My ears need some adornment. :-)

  7. It a cool concept, but I would bend down to pick something up, get the chain caught on a drawer pull and rip my ear holes out! Not too practical for a girl like me!

  8. I actually made those earrings last year...
    interesting post

  9. Interesting? Certainly. Practical? Not very!

    As mentioned in a few comments, it would be a hazard to wear as the necklace portion isn't laying flat against the neck but is dangling from the earlobes. Unlike a conventional necklace this would be far more prone to become snared on just about anything...a comb, brush, eyeglasses or even get tangled in zippers or buttons. But the biggest snag-up is going to be one's own hands.

  10. I tried one on and the first thing I checked for is how low will they pull down on the ear lobe. Some were a little heavy then others. I would recommend getting something lighter. The look was very nice. As far as it getting caught on something, I think you will eventually become oonscious when wearing it. I love the idea and at a affordable price, I will buy it.


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