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Awesome Crochet Wire Jewelry by Zircon Jewels

We have a lot fun at workshops making wire crochet bracelets. The braided style is easy for beginners but what about other types of wire crochet?

Adriana Laura Mendez the artisan behind Zircon Jewels (link no longer works) is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and what she does with wire crochet and weaving is truly awesome. I had a hard time trying to choose a few designs for this feature post!

She considers her designs unconventional because the work is not based on patterns but come about through her honed "technical skills, imagination, dedication and passion". She is not influenced by fads and trends. Her goal is to make her pieces timeless.

Shown above is her gold and silver cuff. I love how she made it look like a real sleeve cuff. Below is another bracelet with a large rhodochrosite cabochon.

Her copper tube necklace with pearls and gemstones is another stunner.

Her netted crystal earrings does show off her technical skills.

Check out what Adriana is up to on her blog - she has added a translation tool there if you need it. But I'll bet you won't as you'll be too busy drooling over her designs.
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  1. they are really nice esp..the ring..i loved it
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  2. Her work is it all!

  3. Now I really want to try my hand a wire crochet!
    I'm in love with the copper tube necklace with the gorgeous cluster of pearls center-piece, it is amazing.
    Zircon Jewels' designs are fantastic, thank you for highlighting such a talented artist.

  4. WOW...the tubing looks awesome and the speechless...thanks for introducing another great artist....

  5. Really Awesome. Yep I'm going to have to give give wire crochet a try.


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