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Live Diamond Try-On -iPhone App for Ring Shopping

Cool Technology
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I don't own an iPhone but it sure is tempting with all the cool apps you can get for it. You can even make phone calls with it too - imagine that! One app that will soon be available in late summer is the free Live Diamond Try On iPhone app. This is a partnership between Stuller and Gemvision Corp.

The app lets you to choose a diamond from Red Box Diamonds and design an engagement ring you like no matter where you are.

You take a photo of your own hand with the phone's camera and virtually "try on" the ring to see if the design suits! Placing the iPhone on your hand and tilting it will allow you to check the diamond's sparkle.

There will also be a "find a jeweler" function once you are certain of the ring. Users can even email a picture of the ring to their friends and family - what a way to announce an engagement!

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  1. Oh my goodness. What next? I know you'll find it!

  2. Technology is amazing! I still prefer the old fashioned way!


  3. I agree with BetteJo...what next??? Having said that it is rather amazing technology...I wouldn't say I'd never us it because you never know!!! :0)

    I'm old enough to remember when the first PC's came out and I didn't think much of them at the time and here I am with it almost attached to my hip!!!


  4. I don't think it will replace the good old fashioned way but at least the preliminary choosing could be done conveniently. So by the time you do hit the jewelry store, you'd know what your narrowed down choices were.


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