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The Pig Who Ate a Diamond Off a Ring

Last January, I wrote about the woman who accidentally flushed her $70,000 ring down a restaurant toilet and the amazing effort it took to recover it. A few days ago, Anne Moon, a British grandmother reportedly lost a diamond when she went to pet a pig named Ginger.

Ginger evidently thought she was offering something tasty. So it clamped its mouth around her hand and swallowed the biggest diamond off her $2500 ring!

The ring was a gift from her husband thirty years ago and so had great sentimental value. The upset Mrs Moon said, "If the pig wasn't so dirty I think we would have put him in the back of the car and taken him home!

So the farmer who owns the pig had to wait for nature to take its course. It's not like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's looking for a small gem in a pile of pig poo. Carefully. Without breathing. No word whether he succeeded or not.

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  1. ewwww! I'd have issues with whether it was clean or not after getting it back -a cootie thing for me. BUT, I'd work it out!

  2. Oh my goodness...I would be so upset!!! Would want a full container of disinfectant to clean it up when I got it back! :0)


  3. I remember the time my son said he ate a dime. Uh . . it wasn't fun, thank goodness he still wore diapers. Never found it though.

  4. I will be so upset. I will definitely put the ring to soak in a bottle of alcohol for a week.
    Not too sure if I will want to wear it anymore.


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