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Review : 2009 Fall/Winter Color Report for Beaders

We often hear this question at our workshops - "What color goes with these beads?". It's not hard to match a couple of colors together. What is trickier is working with more than two. There are some help guides such as the Pantone seasonal palette. Margie Deeb, whom I had written about (see Spring Report review) takes the current Pantone set and applies it to beading and jewelry making.

Her new 23 page Fall/Winter 2009 Color report ($9.95 pdf) shows swirls of lovely color combinations to inspire even the most jaded of beaders. An inspirational read for those who adore working with color as well as those who struggle with color in jewelry designs. Looking at the one of the color context pages, you can see there is something for every taste. I am particularly drawn to the topmost color selection because I am a "winter" so strong colors look best on me.

But the color report is more than just suggested color mixes. The relative proportions of the colors are also addressed. Margie includes really helpful gemstone and delica suggestions and tons of inspirational designs to ogle over! I also appreciated the range of design levels - from beginner to advanced.


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  1. That is so helpful! Actually the patterns remind me of scrapbook paper- I'll bet you could get inspired for color schemes by a visit to your local craft store!

  2. Love this...I think the most difficult thing for me to do has been to use colors I'm not fond of.


  3. This looks like a fabulous resource! A big part of my beaded jewelry designs is color and there are times where color will trump all other inspiration of the design.

  4. Excellent resource, thanks for the tip! I will post it for my readers too.


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