Japanese Inspirations Part 1 of 3
I'm not a huge sushi fan but for those of you who are, you can now show off your culinary preferences with bento box bling! Carolyn Tillie is the designer behind an entire jewelry collection inspired by this Japanese food. She says, "I want to share my love and passion of food and wine through the creation of wearable art." And I say I've learned what sushi tidbits are called just by looking at her work and reading her descriptions!

Her handcrafted work features Japanese gashapon, which are realistic miniature plastic food.  Fake food displays are virtually an art form in Japan!  Shown above is her Tekka Maki ring. Below is her oxidised silver Assorted Nigiri bracelet decorated with Tamago (egg), Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna) and Hotate (scallop).

Her hand forges sterling silver Small Chopstick Earrings with Tako(octopus)  and Ika (squid) with shisho leaf look rather whimsical!

I was also charmed by her silver framed Rectangular Earrings with Ebi (shrimp). Via and via

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